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It's Cheaper to Buy In Canada than in the U.S.

December 09, 2014

With the economy changing and our dollar at it's current rate, it has become cheaper to purchase a bike in Canada than the United States.  As a consumer I am well aware of the prices that are posted on the large American websites, and as a business owner I am also well aware of the actual prices that you pay by the time you receive it.  Here are a few examples. Fit PK3   Joe Mamma Cycles Major US Online Retailer Bike $799.99 549.99 Shipping $0.00 $81.00 Exchange $0.00 1.14 Subtotal $799.99 $719.33 HST $104.00 $93.51 Duties $0.00 $105.67 Brokerage $0.00 $54.35 Actual Total $903.99 $972.86 We The People Curse   Joe Mamma Cycles Major US Online Retailer Bike $499.99... Continue Reading →

What BMX should I buy

December 03, 2014

Christmas is the time of year when we spend a lot of time teaching parents (and grandparents) about BMX bikes.  It's important to us, your local BMX shop, that we make sure you get a bike that you will be happy with, and one that will stand up to the punishment  BMX riding dishes out. Here are a few things that Non-riders (aka Parents and Grandparents) need to know before they purchase you a BMX. So grab your family because it's time to discuss what bike is right for you!    1. Budget: this is often the hardest to deal with but definitely the most important.  Putting it bluntly you get what you pay for.  The Encore Amp ($389.99) is a... Continue Reading →


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