Brooklyn & Brooklyn Bikes

July 15, 2015

Recently we had a chance to head south to New York and stay in Brooklyn, connect with the team at Brooklyn Bicycle Co. and spend some time exploring the Brooklyn and New York city. The first thing we noticed when we got into Williamsburg - the area that is home the the Brooklyn Bicycle Co offices - is surprisingly, how green it is. Bedford Ave - couldn't resist snapping a pic                A full rack in front of Enids: great homestyle foodTreelined streets Similar to my first impressions of Ottawa and the downtown area (although architecturally vastly different) there's lots of mature trees and parks. The second thing that stood out is the sheer number... Continue Reading →

Your Invited: Joe Mamma's Fitness Ride

July 10, 2015

We'd love to invite everyone who's got the itch to go for a good pedal to our newest group ride. Nothing too crazy, about 30 km with an average pace of about 20kph. We'll be meeting at the shop 767 Bank St at 10:00am Sundays: weather permitting. The idea is it's nice to get out and get your heart pumping, get moving, but not so intense that you can't hold a conversation. Take in some of the city, enjoy the energy boost your body rewards you with for getting active, and be social.  You can get fully geared up if you like, or you can throw on whatever and hop on a cruiser.  Every bike is appropriate and everybody is... Continue Reading →


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